Powerhouse Productions

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Our Brands

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    Since 1995

    Utopia - Since July 1995.
    Utopia caters to all styles of  
    electronic dance music.

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    Since 1996

    Prophecy - Caters to 
    Hardstyle and Hardcore
    music. Dark and Hard.
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    Since 2001

    Godspeed - Playing  
    Hardstyle, Hardcore &
    all hard styles between. 

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    Since 2007

    Manic - Happy Hardcore, 
    UK beats, Freeform. 
    All things happy.
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    Bass Control

    Since 2010

    Bass Control - Is a day
    festival that caters to 
    all styles of dance music.
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    Once Upon a Time

    Since 1998

    Once Upon a Time -
    All about the old school
    old tunes and old friends.
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    Since 2008

    Homegrown - All about
    Australian DJs, Music,
    & bloody good times. 
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    Club Manic

    Since 2014

    Club Manic - A smaller
    version of Manic focusing 
    on one UK international.